Dhuddu Features

It allows product owner to register as advertiser, create campaign and load budget. General user who has social media accounts register as publisher, link their social media accounts, publish campaigns and earn money..

Flexible campaign budgets

No need to spend more, start with your own budget. No membership fee, no registration fee, no minimum budget, no monthly charges. It is flexible more you think.

Track your sales and views

No doubt about your ledger details, we are crystal clear in your sales report and analysis

Easy earning options

Nowadays, spending time in social media became an hobby. Monitize your hobby during leisure time, promote your favourite products or services in your social media page and get profited for each sale and fill your pocket.

Increase campaign Budget

Dhuddu affiliate program provides platform for enterpreneurs, beginners and startups, a digital market to do business in online. We assure for quality of leads and ensure traffic sent to your campaign.

Easy Steps

Our program exculsively designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners to do feasible business in online and our extra awsome publishers plan helps to earn money who has social media accounts as affiliate.


Sign Up

Add campaign

Load Budget


Activate Media

Browse & Start

Earn Money

Why our Clients love us

We generate successful leads or traffic and helps to reach real audience. We provide best deals and promotions. We are completely transparent in support, tracking, reporting and payments.

App Access options

We have android and iPhone versions of dhuddu which is compatible with your device and can be accessed from anywhere anytime.So why late? download the app and Start earning today!

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