Frequently Asked questions

what is Dhuddu and how does it work?

Dhuddu is an affiliate platform allows merchant to register as advertiser and affilate to register as publisher. It allows merchant to create campaign for his product with valid dates. Publisher will choose the campaign and publish in his social media pages. The commission will be paid according to the lead.

How do I become an affiliate of dhuddu?

You may join the program here register affiliate

who are publishers?

Affiliate called in dhuddu as publisher. when initially publisher login need to link his social media accounts since dhuddu affiliate program mainly concentrate on socail media advertising.for more details

what is work role of advertiser

The merchant who wants to sell his product need to register as advertiser. the system allows advertiser to create campaign with banner, widget and logo. the robust reporting system helps to analyze the leads and sales.

How dhuddu is different from other affliliate program

Dhuddu affiliate mainly concern about social media marketing. affiliate link publish in social media accounts only. dhuddu affords reliable online marketing and tracking platform and provides dedicated customer support and quality assurance for advertiser and publisher

How do i advertise with Dhuddu?

Register as advertiser. create campaign with attractive ad material load budget and track sales

How sales tracked?

Dhuddu has powerful tracking platform each and very publisher were keenly watched and sales were recorded with cookies

Any quality assurance program available?

We have deliberate quality assurance policy. we apply ample of methods to ensure leads are valid and fraud free. the advertiser can apply custom terms and conditions for campaings

Need to pay any fee to register as publisher?

No need. Dhuddu allows publisher to register absolutely free.

what are the requirements to become publisher in dhuddu?

Need to have substantial number of follower or friends in social media accounts

What are the social media accounts dhuddu supports?

Facebook and intagram.

How does dhuddu protects my personal information?

Protecting your personal and confidential information is very serious to us and we follow strict privacy rules to ensure this. We also protect our client’s confidential information with the same importance

What is payment schedule/when I get paid?

First week of every month.

What are my payment options?

Dhuddu offers payment by direct deposit or paypal to all bank accounts.

Where can I track my payments and past earnings?

Your Redeem page displays all your payments and pending earnings.

If not found, send your questions to will be addressed by the Corridor technical team as quickly as possible.